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    "Safe" installing Windows on Mac?!
    Hi, this is my first post so hopefully I'm doing it properly!

    I have a iMac G5 (OSX Leopard) and there are a few programs that I would like to get that can't be used on a Mac. Family Tree Maker, for instance.

    If I would be opening up my computer to all sorts of virus' it would not be worth it for me, as I am not very computer literate. If I didn't go onto the
    net but just used the disks to the programs, would my computer be just as safe as before having Windows? Have heard some Mac users ask why one would want to go and ruin a good thing. So I want to be very careful. But if it was just to run a few of programs? I have some CD's that came with Adobe Photoshop Elements magazines, etc. but they are just for Windows.

    If installing Windows wouldn't present a threat and it indeed was downloaded, would I be able to run a program in Windows and send it to Mac to be put filed and printed when the time comes? We are working on a family tree with all of the info on I guess it would be hard to transfer all of the info from the one to the other. It would be best to have them both open. Don't know if it would work any other way - far too confusing!!! I did buy Virtual PC for Mac years ago but didn't use it as I was apprehensive about virus', etc. That is why my husband got me a Mac and he would be upset if I went and opened my computer up to needless virus', etc.

    Would appreciate your views on this. Thanks very much. Val

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    You won't be able to install Windows on your Mac via Bootcamp. Since boot camp only supports intel Macs.

    Your best bet would be installing Windows via a Virtual PC. IE Parallel, VMWare Fusion etc.

    Viruses and whatever still apply. Need to be intelligent and not download weird stuff, and have some sort of anti virus program plus firewall up.

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    G'day and welcome to the Forums Val.

    And as a suggestion do not even bother trying an emulator. They are simply much, much to slow.

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    I agree with harry. Using Virtual PC for Mac would not be the best way to run Windows on your G5. And since your G5 is a PPC machine you can't use Boot Camp nor any kind of VM software since they too, require an Intel machine.

    The solution is to have "hubby" buy you a brand new iMac for Xmas! After all isn't that what husbands are for?


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