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    Question shared folder
    Ok what I'm trying to do is very simple.. I want to share my pictures folder over my home network.

    I marked the folder as shared and in system preferences I turned on file sharing with FTP access.

    When I connect to the shared folder with my ubuntu laptop, instead of just getting the folder I shared I get the entire computer.. so I created a new sharing only user, but I cannot access the shared folder when I try to login with that new username/password.

    If I elevate that shared account to a standard account I can access my mac from ubuntu but I get that users entire home directory..

    How can I just setup a single shared folder without access to the entire hard drive, and how can I access that shared folder without having to setup another user account on my mac.. that seems ridiculous to me.

    I hope its just something I over looked..

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    Such a responsive community...

    Anyway for anyone else that comes across this issue:

    Create a share only account, enable SMB file sharing in system preferences, make sure you add you share account name to the access list for the directory and apply to all enclosed items.

    On your other computer you should be able to access the shared folder by using either the mac's computer name or its IP address (computer name is better for networks that use DHCP), then login with your shared accounts login/passwd.

    Not sure why FTP wont work or why I have to use SMB but whatever, it works.

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