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    Sreensavers unavailable on 10.6
    I just purchased a desktop running 10.6.1 and after set time when the screen saver is scheduled to go into effect I get black screen with error message that "you cannot use XXXXX screen saver with this version of Max OS X. Please contact the vendor to get a newer version of the screen saver." I get the error message for all the Mac installed screen savers. Pls advise. Computer is brand new.Thank you

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    As the Mac is brand new take it back to the supplier to get fixed.
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    Is it a third-party screensaver? I had a similar problem when upgrading to SL... but also, screen savers that are not 64-bit compatible will not run in Mac OS X v10.6.

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    That's a strange one. All the included screen savers with Snow Leopard should run without a problem. It's third party or add on savers not specifically designed for SL that will display the error, not the savers included with Snow Leopard. If you're sure you have no other savers other than the ones included with Snow Leopard, then I have to agree with torchy, take it back and let the Apple store folks sort it out.


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    After start up now several days later screensavers are clue why. but thank you all.

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