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    Lightbulb antivirus
    I am planning to purchase an ibook ,do I get any antivirus software with the default 10,2 version.

    Do i need to install an antivirus software for my ibook???.

    Does the antivirus comes with only .Mac ?

    In the MacOSxv10.2 securities technology sheet it has been mentioned , ".Mac is integrated with Mac OS X v10.2 and with popular applications such as iPhoto".

    but at some place it is said , a .mac needs to be purchased for the antivirus .

    I am confused by these statements.

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    .Mac is an optional extra you can choose to purchase with your mac. What they are saying is that it integrates into Finder/OSX very well - and by purchasing .mac you get a copy of virex.

    Viruses are basically not an issue in macs, and .mac in my opinion is overpriced. Don't bother buying it if all you're getting it for is the antivirus

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    i used a .mac trial and agree that it is overpriced

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    It depends on what you use .Mac for if it's worth the price. It now comes with many free software packages or free memberships to other sites (versiontracker, etc) as well as free rebate information that makes it well worth the money if you use it.

    As for AntiVirus, while there aren't really Mac specific viruses out there in the wild at the moment, it doesn't mean there won't ever be one. But on a more practical note, while it is almost impossible to get a Mac virus, you can pass on Windows viruses or get MS Office Macro viruses if you use Office. Because I do alot of sharing with PCs, I run Norton Antivirus for Mac 9.0 and I really like it. As others have pointed out, if you do get .Mac you get McAffee Virex 7.0 for free. I feel Norton is a better product though.
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