Installed Snow Leopard on our iMac - everything's perfect, but my PB G4 - non-Snow has lost some of it's functionality.
First off, the nice, normal angled printer icon with the green sheet which appears in the dock on the iMac has now on my PB been replaced by a gray old-style looking printer icon.
On command-P, the box that appears on my PB is now different than the iMac, which is as it has been. On the iMac print screen is the Safari pull-down - under that should be Layout, Color Matching, Paper Handling, Cover Page, Scheduler. Under those choices are the standard Quality and Media, Color Options, Borderless Printing, Duplex Printing & Margin - Supply Levels - Summary.
My PB, after Scheduler, has only "Printer Features." In that are some familiar type things, but nothing like the above normal stuff.
I've gone to System Preferences and gotten rid of the printers and had it find the standard one (wireless) and select that. Still not the same. No duplex, several other things missing!
Is this a Snow Leopard feature, as before everything was great - ?
Thanks much!