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    Unhappy Trying to read hard drive form Powerbook G4
    I have a 7 yr old Macbook G4 that won't boot anymore after it was dropped. I have determined the hard drive still works so I took it out and put it into a sata enclosure and tried to read the files but cant. Do I need to upgrade the formatting or put this into an older Mac (if I can find one). I suspect this laptop was using an older file system format (and no, I don't know what OS version the G4 was running). Any help or ideas would really be appreciated.



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    Does the dropped G4 power up at all?
    If so you could put the drive back into it and boot in Target Disc mode to get at the files.
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    Every version of Mac OS X uses some form of HFS formatting, so as long as you use another Mac to read the disk, it shouldn't be the problem. You may want to check if the partition is corrupt or the hard drive itself is broken. You can do this by plugging in the hard drive and checking a disk utility program and see if the disk is recognizable (Disk Utility in Mac OS X and Computer Management under Windows).

    Hope this helps.
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