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Thread: My Mac has so many outgoing traffic

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    My Mac has so many outgoing traffic
    I recently started using Mac Mini. So first thing first, I needed to install a firewall software that would regulate all outbound internet traffic, not just incoming traffic. Mac OS X 10.6's firewall only blocks incoming traffic.

    In MS Windows, I always review every outgoing traffic request.

    To my surprise, there were so many outgoing traffic from my OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. I wouldn't have known it had I not installed a firewall.

    I do not like any outbound internet traffic without my knowledge, even though it might be connecting to or So I blocked all non-essential ones and ports. Only Safari and min others are allowed.

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    The OS X firewall does block some outgoing traffic - but it's not comprehensive. If you want more granular control, check out LittleSnitch.
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