My friend recently moved to Russia and she is trying to connect to the internet using Ethernet. Before she was using a Wifi connection (Airport) at her home. Now she is connecting directly using Ethernet to a DLink DSL-2300U modem using BRIDGE mode (PPPoE authentication is set up in the modem).

She now disabled the Airport and only is using Ethernet with AutoDHCP settings.

There are two computers on the network that are connecting to the Internet just fine - an old iBook and a Windows machine using DHCP. However when she plugs in her new Macbook she gets an IP address but has no connectivity on her new Macbook.

Does anyone know why this is happening? could it be the old settings from her old connection or a problem with a handshake with the DSL modem?

The one odd thing is that the DSL modem has as a gateway (and not the usual but I guess that is ok because the modem is at and this would eliminate DHCP giving a conflict (though the DSL modem can set up DHCP in the ip range). She is getting an address 95.55.16.x on the her new Mac but no connectivity (all other machines see the stuff just fine).

Her problem looks a lot like this one:
DHCP problem in OS X - Mac Forums
However she tried everything and also used the Apple Advanced care.