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    So I have Leopard and ran into a little problem..

    I partitioned a fraction of my drive to install Windows XP and although I thought the install didn't work well (seemed to have froze up) when I restarted the computer and booted that part of my drive it seemed to run fine.

    Later, I decided that it was pointless to have the partition and removed it. Since then whenever I restart my computer it come sup "No Bootable Disk - blah blah blah press any key"

    When I restart my computer and hold down the "option" key then I can see and load OSX (it's the only option) and it runs fine. My Issue is:

    How to I fix it so i dont have to hold down the Option button? I want it to turn on and load like a normal healthy computer.

    Please Help.

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    Your system is just set to boot to the XP partition currently. Go to:

    System Preferences - Startup Disk

    Select your MacIntosh HD and click restart
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    And if you don't want that partition anymore, you can just delete it in Disk Utility, if you haven't done that already.

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