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    Question Problems with finder?
    When I try to open finder, a new application appears in my dock labeled 'finder', with the applications image as its icon. I mean finder works fine apart from when I try to search through my folders, I can type up to 3 characters before finder crashes. It's not vital, it just bugs me that I can't search and the extra icon in my dock.

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    Try adding a New User with Admin status then go into that User and see if you have the same issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HnG View Post
    When I try to open finder...
    Ok, I admit to a hang-up with terminology. But, what exactly do you mean by that? Maybe that's a beginner's question from a 15-year veteran, but so be it.

    For example, I have 4 Spaces set up. If I go to my Dock right now and click the Finder icon, it will switch to Space #4 where I have assigned Finder. I understand that Finder is an application that allows me to interface with the OS, if I have that terminology correct.(!) But, Finder is always "open" when the computer is on...

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