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    Windows to Mac - transfering files
    When i transfer my PC music files without the extension (.mp3) to my new macbook, it shows a .mp3 extension.

    I am aware of the option in the view finder that can hide the extension, it did not work. I have alot of music files, as i imagine most of you as well, how can i do change it, without individually going to each and every music file?

    thanks all!

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    Do they not play? Just curious about why you want to remove the extensions. I don't keep music files on my Mac, so I wouldn't know.

    I've seen references to apps that let you do name changing like you're asking about. Give it a go on a search engine, you'll probably turn up something.

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    The files do have the extension in windows. It's just that since Windows XP the default status is to hide extensions of known file types.
    So it's not like your Mac has added them. It's just displaying them now.

    Shown or hidden this won't impact playback and most apps I know of iTunes, Audion etc will hide the MP3 extension anyway.

    You should be able to hide known extensions on your Mac in the Finder Preferences pane untick "show all extensions".

    You shouldn't have to but may have to restart Finder to see the changes.

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