I do have a problem connecting a NFS share hosted on a Archlinux machine.

First the important data.

  • User nobody with group nobody is 99:99 exists
  • Share folder: /export/test mit drwx------ 2 nobody nobody 4,0K 19. Okt 14:17 test
  • Many, even not all, exports i have tested. I also used exports -arv.

  • Mac OS X 10.3
  • User with uid 501 in group with gid 501.
  • IP:

When i want to mount the share with
sudo mount nfs:// ./nfsmount
everything works, how i expect it. This means the mapping of uid and gid should work. But when i'm using the apple+K way in finder, the share appears but i don't have any rights. Even i can't read. This means the uid and gid aren't mappend anymore.

Does someone have an advice?