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    'lost' pictures show up on screensaver

    I'm new here - and am looking for help!

    About a year ago my hard drive began to putz out on my MacBook. I took it to the apple store, and they replaced the hard drive, and said they were unable to save the photos from iphoto.

    The thing is, the photos that were on iphoto show up on my screensaver when I've been idle for too long.

    Is there somewhere else they may be located? It seems odd that if they did indeed replace the hard drive that the old photos would be there. They are definitely not available for viewing on iphoto.

    Normally I wouldn't care - they're lost photos, big whoop. But turns out they were of my wedding, and if I can, I'd like to get 'em back.

    please and thank you to anyone who may have an answer.

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    Assuming your screensaver is set to one of the iPhoto slideshows, the photos should be with the rest of the iPhoto files. To get there, open your Pictures folder in the Finder, and you should see a file called iPhoto Library. Right-click the file and choose Show Package Contents. In this folder, you'll find a bunch more folders; Originals is the one you're looking for. Inside that you'll find folders named by year. If you see a year that corresponds to some of the photos you lost, the files might just be hiding there (though I'm not sure how they'd jump over to your new hard drive ).

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