I am trying to write my first applescript app using XCode 3.2. I started out trying to follow a demo which used Applescript Studio but then found that there were no event handlers showing in my version of XCode, so I decided to upgrade to the latest version, only to find that Applescript Studio has been discontinued under Snow Leopard.

So I started again using XCode 3.2 with a Cocoa_AppleScript App, but have been unable to find a straightforward tutorial to help me with what I want to do, probably because it only came out with Snow Leopard which hasn't been around very long.

The app I want to create is a simple window with four pop up buttons, which will trigger sections of a script that will append certain text to the comments field of the track playing in iTunes, each separate item in each pop up menu will add specific text.

So far I have created the window with the four pop up buttons, and I have designed a script to add text to the comments, which I am aware I will need to enter under [project name]AppDelegate.applescript. So the two main tasks remaining are to populate the pop up menus for each button, and then to link each item in these menus to specific sections of the applescript so that each item just adds its corresponding text to the comments field.

I would be grateful for any help in steering me in the right direction, whether this is help with my actual project or pointing me in the direction of a helpful tutorial