When I went to set up my new machine I elected to migrate from a Time Machine backup; imagine my surprise when the process was completed and I was staring at an exact duplicate of my old machine-only as it looked back in late 2007. I've been backing up fairly regularly, but only when prompted by Time Machine. The last backup I performed was several days before I purchased the new machine.

I opened Time Machine and was surprised to see no backups displayed, and of course no Restore option. In the course of browsing the backup medium I discovered two folders in the backups.backupdb directory named Joe Blow's Computer and Joe Blow's Computer 2. The last backup in the JBC folder was dated November of 07, and was to the best of my ability to determine, the one that was migrated to my new machine. The JBC2 folder contained all of the subsequent backups; I could browse it directly and using the Browse Other Disks option in Time Machine, but was unable to view any of the backups without first modifying the permissions.

My initial fear, that all of my post-2007 data was lost, is no longer an issue since I've simply copied all of my files from my last backup to my new machine, but I'd really like to figure out a way to re-do the migration and get my old machine moved over to the new hardware in its entirety. Given the clarity of 20/20 hindsight I probably should have just done a machine-to-machine migration via firewire, but at the moment they're not in the same location and won't be for at least a month or two.

In the research I've done so far I've seen the issue of MAC address changes implicated in similar problems; my old machine is in its original configuration with all of its originally installed components. Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this for me.