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    Dock main icons
    running snow leopard...

    on an old macbook of mine i located a terminal code or cheat of some type that allowed me to keep the (far right side) icons of "applications, documents, downloads" as a specified folder no matter what...... I.E... everytime you download something, the download picture changes.

    not to be picky but this is a tad annoying, and yes i want the stacks to keep working, i LOVE that part... i'd just like to have the same icons all the time

    i know it has something to do with replacing the icon with the one you want, and editing the modified date to far far away so when organized by date they will stay the same.

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    You can try the date trick or the naming of an icon image to 0_blah_blah_blah to 'encourage it to stay at the top of the stack.

    Alternatively try this page:
    keeping my custom leopard stack overlays in front! | justin hileman dot info

    It has links to some nice icons and a folder script to keep the icon of choice at the front.


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    following those instructions are confusing as ****.. lol, still can't get it accomplished but thats in the correct direction in terms of what i'm looking for.... any easier step by step directions that actually work for snow leopard??

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    ok so i figured it out.... after quite a bit of research of course..

    for those interested in the whole "drawer/stacks, keep a specific icon on top" trick.... and yes this worked on snow leopard, here are the steps to follow

    1. Simply download your icon packages, once open, select the icon you want and drag/drop into the ACTUAL folder of what you want the icon to apply to

    2. Go to this link XD - Stacks Overlays
    and follow the instructions word for word....

    3. VOILA! your finished and you now have drawers which stay in front at ALL times and make your dock look clean and classy.....

    hope this helps!

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