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    hi, my names "d general" i am an aspiring musician from the south west of england who uses logic pro to compose all of my instrumentals but need help

    i recently got a G3 powerbook for the purpose of downloading logic and continuing to compose beats, however, i have run into a bit of difficulty,

    i am currently running off mac OS 10.4 but have been told i need 10.5 to be able to run logic proon my mac

    is there anyway i can upgrade by simply downloading??

    please reply in simple terms as i am not familiar with the technical language of computers



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    The whole "downloading" part, does not conform with the rules on this forum.
    This forum abides by US Law, and illegally downloading software would be against that law.

    You will not get any help regarding that.

    Mac OSX (Snow) Leopard can be purchased however in your local Apple Store, or on Ebay etc.

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    hey dude, im a musician too...

    I dont think you can download any version of os x as far as i know... because it would be too big a download.

    Can i ask why you choose logic over pro-tools and the propellerhead suite? And why you have bought an outdated mac, when the migration over to intel is currently on full steam ahead??

    Take care now.

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    weston-super-mare near bristol, SW england
    500 MHz PowerPC G3 348 MB SDram
    hey dude,

    thanks for the prompt reply! to be honest i know how to operate logic pro better than anything and i only bought this "outdated" mac because its sole purpose was just for making beats, thats all i want it for, so i didn't want to go all out on a spanking new one if i knew i only wanted it for one thing

    stay blessed mate

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    You don't need 10.5 to run Logic Pro, I have it on my G5 running 10.4 and it's just fine.

    Your stumbling block is the G3.
    I would recommend at least getting a 1.5 GHz G4 or higher and running at least 2 GB of RAM.

    Also, you can't just download the software, but you can find legit and used copies on auction sites and the like.
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