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    Login / password issues
    Hi all, Im not sure of the OS version, but im definitely running OSX.

    Been a mac user for a while now and found 2 mac G4 being given away from some offices near my work. Was difficult just leaving them there so I chucked them in the back of my car....

    One of the towers i can get into as there was no password asked for at boot up. It's now obvious why they were chucking it.....strange noises, whirring....very old machine basically.

    The other however has a password lock on it, but seems to be in a lot better condition, so am anxious to get past the login screen!

    Is there any way of getting past it without knowing the password? Obviously I don't have the OS disc....I just dont want to have to go asking around 5 different offices who threw the macs out and what's the password?!!

    Im not holding out much hope, but thought it was worth a go!

    Thanks in advance!

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