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    Question When I verify permissions on my Mac it freezes.
    Basically everytime I try and Verify Permissions on my Imac G5 it freezes up at the same message. I am running OSX 10.3.9. I have used Onyx and Disk Utility and neither one works. Here is where it stops everytime.

    We are using special permissions for the file or directory./System/Library/File systems/cd9660.fs/cd 9660. util. New Permissions are 33261

    Can someone help me? I think it is a problem with my disk drive, but not sure.

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    From what I remember, verifying permissions will at least slow down the computer while it's performing the task. You have to wait for the process to finish and it can take several minutes. Are you letting it complete the process?

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    And try popping in the Panther DVD and reboot , holding down 'C" after the chimes. Then go to Utilities in the menu bar and run Repair Disk. If it is the drive you will be advised in red!

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