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Thread: Putting a Mac OS on an external hard drive for use on a windows laptop

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    Putting a Mac OS on an external hard drive for use on a windows laptop
    Hey, So I'm new to this whole forum thing and don't quite know if what I'm doing is right. I was just wondering if anyone could answer this question for me:

    is it possible to install a Mac OS, like Leopard, onto an external hard drive in a way that you can use the OS on a Dell laptop which already has windows xp installed on it?

    I'm going to be going away for a couple of months and really can't live without my mac but it's a desktop and I can't afford to buy a laptop just for a couple of months. So I was hoping that I could have the best of both worlds and somehow have a whole OS on an external hard drive.

    Maybe it's a really stupid question but if it's possible I'd be really appreciative of any help on how to go about doing it.

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    That would be creating a Hackintosh (OSX on a non Apple computer)

    That subject is against the OSX EULA, so cannot be discussed on the forum for legal reasons
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    But essentially, no, you can't do it.

    It's **** near impossible to create a hackintosh with just any pc. You have to be pretty specific with the hardware selection.

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    You can turn a flash drive into an install disk, like I've heard that Apple did with the developer copies of SL given out at this year's WWDC. But yes, a flash drive with OS X installed (if it's not made by Apple) would definitely be against the OS X end user license agreement.

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