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    Osx Challenge
    Alright here it is. My OSX is acting up. I hope I'm explaining this properly. The best way for me to explain it is through my distiller program. I can write a ps file out of quark and pull it on to distiller. Distiller will read the file, but it seems to not save the file as a pdf. I know what your thinking this must be a distiller problem. I thought so too. I reinstalled distiller and I have had no luck. Other programs that use distiller in the background are also losing out when it come to making a pdf. I'm also expirencing crashing problems with programs.

    Now before all the great advice comes let me share with you what I have tried. I have ran permissions repair and verification. I've also deleted my cashes from systems library and user library. I have ran a File System Check (twice) and zap my PRAM.

    So here is the challenge. How do I fix this without reinstalling my OSX System?

    I know that reinstalling is the easy way out, but I'm not all about easy ways. I would like to know how to solve the problem incase it happens again.

    Please help.


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    i think its still distiller problem. how did you uninstall it?
    did you search "distiller" and trash them all or just put the distiller app in trash?
    if you did the last one then it has kept old preferences and it might be a problem. to check weather its OS or not, try to generate PDF from any printable file using print dialog's "save as PDF" function (file>print>save as PDF). if it works, then its distiller problem for sure.
    delete those files from home>library preferences: com.adobe.distiller.plist and Acrobat Distiller Prefs. this might help.

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    Thanks for responding so quickly MAC-simus, I've tried what you suggested plus some other suggestions I've found on the adobe forums. Unfortunately it has not solved my issues.

    I was able to make a pdf out of the print option, but any pdfs that were brought in a picture files in quark come out as low res. I've also had that problem lately with regular pictures as well. This is happening all at the same time as not being able to write pdfs.

    My distiller says something about my pdflib not initializing. Now all the adobe forums say something about fonts and colour profiles. I've deleted some adobefnt.lst and I've checked on the colour profiles and everything seems in order. I don't have any fonts added in the preferences for distiller, so I can't remove any.

    What I was wondering, is there a way to do a complete uninstall on OSX, in which it will grab everything envolved with the program and trash it so that you can install the program fresh.

    any suggestions.

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