I recently bought a MacBook Pro and it is my first Mac I upgraded to SL a while ago as well.

When I try to open a PDF-document for example from finder, the previewapplication that is supposed to open PDF-docs just jumps up and down in the dock for 30 secs or something and then stops. To open a document I have to first open the application, and from there open the document

The same goes for other documents like DOC that are supposed to open in pages, and images that should open in the previewapp as well.

Another example is torrentfiles. Clicking on a torrentfile is supposed to open Transmission, and it tries to. Transmission jumps in the dock for a while but nothing happens. To open the torrentfile, I have to open it from inside transmission.

The strange thing is that sometimes this problem is not here (short period of time after reboot), but returns!

I would be very glad if you could help me fix this!