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    OS 10.2.8 took out MX2004 apps
    I installed OS 10.2.8 prior to it being pulled from the net. My machine could not locate the startup disk. I ended up reinstalling OS 10.2 from my disc using the Archive and Install feature. Now all of my apps work but my Trial version of MX 2004 (Flash, DreamWeaver and FireWorks won't run. They try to launch but they shutdown before the splash page, no error message given. Reinstalling the MX apps has no effect and the trials had 15days left.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

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    did you do all the software updates up to 10.2.6?

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    Sorry, yes, I updated everything that was related to my machine upto 10.2.6.


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    I assumed you did not do a clean install. I don't know where. But I believe there is a file some where that controlls the expiration.

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    I did the Archive and Install. So it tucked everything in a folder called "previous system" and then installed a fresh system. so I'm not really sure what files to move. Reintalling the apps didn't help. Its a wee bit frustrating.

    thanks for your input.

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    What you could do, is set your date back, if there is an expiration date. It will fool your computer allowing you to reinstall your bought software.

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    Rolling the dates back doesn't seem to make a difference. i'm not sure where all the files go when installing under OSX.

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