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    Mar 08, 2009
    Hi all

    Some more questions from one who is learning how to use the macbook pro

    I have seen that some have more than one wallpaper, and they they change, slide, from one to the next.

    How is that done?

    Thanks all for looking


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    System Preferences - Desktop & Screensaver - Desktop tab - place a check next to 'Change Picture' and adjust the time frame to your choosing.

    Learning to use your Mac: I would suggest everyone with their first Mac spend some time in System Preferences. Open each Preference Pane, take a look around at least one time. Then you'll have an idea where to go for easy system changes you would like to make.
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    OnyX provides the ability to have an animated desktop. I suggest you Google animated desktop in OS X...

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    Hello and thanks for helping me and the good tip

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    Anyone have a good site to get apple themed wallpapers? have 24" imac and some I have seen aren't good with my current resolution, thx

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