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Thread: Other firewall is running on my Mac!

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    Unhappy Other firewall is running on my Mac!

    I could not use the Apple Built in firewall. I had no idea what other firewall is running on this mac. I found out it not in router firewall as I disabled it. When I go to System Preferences and select Sharing and click Firewall said "Other firewall is running on your computer. To change the apple firewall settings, turn off the other firewall software."

    I had trial of Intego firewall but that took it off many months ago but can't remember what I've done. But still I had no idea what other firewall software is on my mac as I checked the startup in users preferences and does not say any firewall I don't think. I do not want to reinstall software as I'm not the only user on this mac as share with my sister's own account as well.

    Had anybody have any idea what I'll do about that to stop other firewall software from running?



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    Open terminal and type:
    ipfw flush

    If it asks do you really want to, answer yes.
    You should be able to use Apple's firewall again.
    You might need to do this as sudo, dont remember.
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