Please someone throw me a ladder to get me out of this ginormous hole I doug myself.

A few days ago I set up my old MBP to be a server of sorts. It is plugged into my external HDD and my Wife's external HDD. My reasoning for this is so our computers can wirelessly back them selves up with Time Machine. Setting my new MBP was not problem was doing a fresh install because I wanted to start fresh, select the location of the drive I wanted and go, cake! The wife's drive was just as easy or so I thought. She comes to me today and tells me that the only thing she has on her external HDD is the backups folder from Time Machine. She is missing 3 folders. I presume when I set up Time Machine on her compy that it did not recognize her old backups from previous and reformatted her external HDD. So my question to you is that is there a way to revert or go back and fetch the old files that were on her drive or will I be groveling and apologizing until I die.

I beg for some help