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    Time capsule help and deleting files
    Ok It just took me like 20mins to find how to post a thread! thats how stupid I am! Seriously am in a bad mood. So i need some Mac expert help and by the way envy your knowledge.

    1) So my mac is saying that the scratchdisks are full, and everything is running slow and i cant work my photoshop, files wont stream etc.

    2) I try to delete movies and they delete but the name and the time and the little movie icon stays in my folder even though the movie has been deleted and it's really pissing me off.

    3) I have backed up all my files on the time capsule but havent a notion how to work it and computer jargon just looses me. I open it and I want to watch the movies and the ones I have deleted open but with all the time capsule stuff behind it.

    4) So I cant delete the movie files from my computer and the watch them through the time capsule?

    5) my thread is so messy and confused like me right now. I just want someone to come and fix it, but i am in outh korea and they dont really use macs.

    6)when i use my front row, which only pops up when i use my remote, will only show a few movies and they are the bloody ones i have deleted? the movies are mostly avi's? will front row only play mpeg 4?

    7) I am so sorry for being a stupid idiot!

    8) er what else HELp!!!!!!!!!! Can some one explain to me in the simpliest of terms please please please and thank you, how i save everything from my computer to my time capsule and then be able to access it easily. I just want space on my computer to download more movies and music and put my photos on without 50 messages coming up saying i have no room!!

    hope you all have a lovely day x

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    1) What app is using scratch disks? I know that Final Cut Pro uses scratch disks to store its media files and when it gets full you need to increase the space on them or delete files from it. (Really, a scratch disk is just a dedicated target folder for all the imported media a particular app uses.) I'm not sure if that would make your computer run slower, but if the scratch disk is large and your hard disk is nearly full, that would definitely slow your computer down. You may just need to make some space by deleting files from the scratch disk. But first you need to find out what app is using a nearly-full scratch disk.

    2) As for deleting those files you mention, what makes you think they're deleted if their icons are still in the Finder? Are you deleting them right in the Finder or from an app? For instance, deleting something from your iTunes library doesn't necessarily delete it from your computer. So if you're deleting movies from within a program, you might just be deleting the "pointer", so to speak, rather than the actual file itself. (This can also work in reverse, where the original file is deleted, but its reference file still appears in an application.) Also, remember to empty the trash, or else those movie files are just sitting there taking up space.

    3) Not sure what you mean by "with all the Time Capsule stuff behind it". But using Time Capsule is easy. You just need to open the application called Time MACHINE in your applications folder. It may already be in your dock. This video can explain the rest to you:

    Apple - Find Out How - Mac Basics

    4) If you just want to access and open an old file, just select the Time Capsule in the Finder and navigate to the file the way you normally would. When you click to open it, it will just open with the appropriate app but it won't put a copy back onto your hard disk.

    5) heh, can't help you there, but there are a lot of easy-to-understand helpful tutorials on the Apple website, like the one above.

    6) Are you saying that Front Row won't open when you click on its icon in the dock or from the Applications folder? Or are you saying you only know how to open it with your remote? Also, if there are movies showing up in Front Row, then they haven't been deleted. Again, I suspect you might have deleted some reference files rather than the actual files themselves. Or maybe Front Row is including the movies on your Time Capsule. (I don't use Time Capsule so I'm not sure about that.) As far as I know, Front Row shows you everything that's in your Movies folder. If you DON'T see a saved movie in Front Row, it's probably been saved to a folder other than the Movies folder.

    7) don't apologize, just calm down and take a deep breath.

    8) Time Capsule is set up to automatically and wirelessly save a backup of your computer every hour, so you don't need to do anything. And of course, you can always just use it exactly like any other external hard drive by creating a separate folder for saving things that you don't want to have erased eventually. (When Time Capsule is full, Time Machine automatically deletes the oldest backup to make room for more.) Then you can just drag and drop files from your hard drive and copy them into the folder you create on the Time Capsule. Just remember that while Time Capsule is designed to be used with Time Machine, it's also just an external hard drive that you can use just like any other.

    But first thing's first. You have to find out what app is using those scratch disks. Try searching in Spotlight for "Capture Scratch" or maybe "Scratch Disk" and see what that brings up.

    Does anyone else use that computer? You don't want to erase anyone's important captured media.

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    i didnt think anybody would reply. thank you so much for taking the time to write everything.

    i really appreciate it. I have sorted some stuff.and am digesting some of your tech talk now. will see what i can manage and let you know how i get on.

    hope someone helps you like you helped me.

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    ok so re read my thread what a load of poop. most stuff was pretty simple.

    however still a few things.

    so backed up my computer, deleted all movies as didnt really care about them but when i go to time machine and try to open them they are all gone and it says that there is nothing in the file so they are gone?

    when i put capture scratch into potlight javascript pdf photoshop thingy opened up 254 pages, guess i could delete that? if i do will it mean my photoshop wont work prop though?

    read somewhere about making alias files of movies?

    what about my photos they take up a hug amount of space. dont want to delete them though.

    sorry to be stupid head.

    only me using the comp.

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