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Thread: osx "randomly" wakes up

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    Sep 29, 2009
    osx "randomly" wakes up
    i have the settings configured to "wake for administrative ethernet access" or something along those lines (only "wake for access" type option)
    well, my mac randomly will wake up;
    i notice it sometimes in the middle of the night;
    does this mean that there is currently malware of some kind already installed?
    has my security been compromised?

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    May 02, 2009

    If you look closely at the message box (at least in 10.6, I can't remember about 10.5), Apple clearly states that the computer will wake up from time to time.

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    Sep 29, 2009
    thanks for the reply;
    i dont remember seeing that message and i have to wonder, why?
    why would the computer need to randomly wake up?
    does it matter if the airport is on or not?

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    Do you have a bluetooth device connected to your computer? It's possible that if the connection drops or the device "moves", it will wake up your machine. For instance, I'm looking for a bluetooth mouse right now and someone had left a review of one mouse stating that this was happening to him with the mouse.
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