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    Alias in dock folder doesn't behave as in Finder
    In OS 10.6, if I have an alias in a dock folder pointing to some HTML file (e.g. an "index.htm" of an e-book in HTML format stored in some other folder), the alias doesn't work as expected (and as in OS 10.5): index.htm is opened in the web browser as if it were a copy rather than an alias of the original file, i.e. it is treated as if it were residing in the dock folder.

    The consequence is that relative links pointing from index.htm to further HTML files won't work.

    If I double-click the alias in Finder then everything is OK. The misinterpretation of the alias occurs only if I click the same entry in the dock folder.

    Is this a bug in OS 10.6, or what can I do to circumvent this new and annoying behavior of OS 10.6?

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    I have just tested this. And in you have as stated above an alias of a html file in a dock folder and open that alias with the dock menu it opens up the alias as if it has been opened by text edit without all the formating. But open the same alias in the finder proper and it opens up properly with all the formating in tact.

    This is really strange indeed. Something Apple needs to fix for 10.6.2? Maybe.

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    Essentially the same happens if I create a *.fileloc file instead of an alias of a *.htm file:

    If I double-click the *.fileloc file in Finder then the web page opens as expected.

    If I single-click the corresponding item in the dock menu then the browser just shows the xml contents of the *.fileloc file instead of opening the web page to which it points.

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    I was wondering if anyone has learned anything about this. I find this "feature" to be really annoying.


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