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    Blank Mac OS Snow Leopard Default Desktop AFTER LOGIN...
    My Mac is Macbook Pro 15' Leopard upgraded to Snow Leopard last month.

    After entering the password to log in, a totally blank Mac OS Snow Leopard default desktop screen appears and nothing happens. It stays like that for nearly 1 hour and then comes the dock and the dock only. And it stays like that for another nearly 1 hour...

    I have tried to fix this issue using (i) Safe Mode, and (ii) Disk Utility run from the Snow Leopard Installation Disk.

    Can anyone help please? Thanks a lot...

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    Sounds like your boot disk is corrupted and not cleaning-up properly.

    I would strongly suggest booting from your Apple disk and doing the Disk Utility repair.

    I used Tech Tool, which can be booted from their DVD disk or from a Firewire thumb drive. My system lost some of my Preferences during the upgrade, and later, it hung like yours, on a reboot after an update. It turns out the system did fix itself, but it took an hour (500 GB disk which is only 1/3 full). But, my system is full sized desktop, and has a lot of RAM, so that probably made it repair much faster than yours will.

    After you get it fixed, you might want to consider Disk Warrior. it preserves previous file directories (secondary directories), which is worth the small price for extra data protection.

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