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    Install snow leopard without external drives
    Im trying to install snow leopard on my macbook. It has a broken disk drive so using a disk is out of the question. I also dont want to pay for an 8gb flash drive, external hard drive, or anything else.

    I got the install onto my mac by putting it in my other PC and splitting it up into 700 mb parts with WinRar. I put each part on my 1gb flash drive and transfered it to the mac one at a time. My problem is that at the very beginning of the install, it asks for a reboot so it can boot from the disk. Of course, I cant do this because I just have the dmg file on the computer. So if anybody could maybe tell me how to hack the dmg and get into the install without rebooting maybe.

    This is what I considered
    1. Hacking the dmg to get to the install without reboot
    2. Putting the dmg on my ipod touch, though I know you cant boot from one.
    3. Maybe getting JUST the small install file to put on my 1gb flash drive?

    This is what I can't do
    1. Buy another drive or anything else that cost money
    2. Use remote install from the PC because I dont have a MacBook Air.

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    There is no way it will fit on a 1 GB flash drive, and there is no need to hack anything.

    Get the full DMG on your computer, open it, then open /Volumes/Mac OS X Install Disk/System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg. The name of the volume might be different, I can't remember exactly what it is. You will NOT be able to install to the partition you are currently booted into, only to a seperate partition.

    Note, this has worked in every previous version of OS X. I haven't tried it with Snow Leopard but it should be the same.

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    But I dont have a separate hard drive to boot too

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    And also, I dont have a volumes folder

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    That would mean that you have no hard drives
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    Sorry im kinda not very computer smart. I have the Macintosh HD which is my regular start up disk. That is my hard drive right?

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