I have returned to Apple after 20+ years and love my Imac OS 10.5. I have encountered and solved a number of problems, but have one I have not been able to solve. With my PC OS XP SP3 I was always able to download my Bank Statement without any problems. With my new IMac I am only able to see the Statement in Preview and am not able to download or print the file. I am using Firefox and have tried Safari. Does anyone have a suggestion for how to solve this or a recommendation for a download or plug in that can solve the problem. I have spent about 4 hours with Mac Tech reps. without an answer. I have contacted my bank asking they get with their IT and ask why the ASP file is even winding up at the web page. I was given 2nd hand directions that only got me a Preview screen I could view or a Check Register I could down load and print, but never the ability to download the statement.