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    Unhappy Snow Leopard Question
    just pondering about upgrading to Snow Leopard. The only thing holding me back is all the stuff already on my computer. If I upgrade to snow leopard will I have to re-install all my iLife, iWork, Office for mac etc? I've recently moved from Australia to the UK for a few months, and left all my iLife etc install DVDs at home. Any advise?

    Cheers folks

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    You will not have to re-install applications, but you should make sure the applications you DO want to use are SL compatible.


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    I second that - Snow Leopard seems to install in a very straightforward fashion. I had everything backed up through Time Machine of course, fearing the worst, but nothing could have been simpler. I even have VMFusion with an XP virtual machine and that also was unaffected. I'm very impressed with the way the upgrade happened.

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    yer... lol it pretty simple...
    I love it how everyone (sensibly) backs stuff up before installing snow leopard. I just dived straight in!!

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