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    Remote install Mac OS X problem
    Im not sure if this is in the right category so if it's not tell me where to put it.

    I have an old mac book running Tiger (10.4.11) that got ran over by a car. The computer still works but the screen and disk drive dont. I want to install snow leopard using remote install.

    The disk is in a PC in the room next to the mac connected to a router and modem. (I can connect the mac to the network with AirPort.) I installed CD and DVD sharing on the PC and enabled it with control panel. I also enabled it on the mac.

    I run Remote Install Mac OS X on the PC and selected AirPort (which is what the internet is connected with). I get to the step where it says to select AirPort on a list that is supposed to be on the start up disk thing (when you press alt while booting up the mac).

    My problem is that the list isn't on there and either is the Install Mac OS X disk drive. It only shows the disk "Garrett's Mac" (which is my regular disk of course).

    I found out that it only works on MacBooks Airs, but I also saw you could do it on a regular MacBook too.

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    So you're running remote install MacOSX on a Windows PC??

    I don't get it...

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