Hi all

So I am testing on my G4 and developing on my PC (Wrong way round). I have an Apache server with virtual hosts running on my PC.

Everything is working fine and I can get my local development sites on my G4 to test, but I am having trouble redirecting to my development site on my local server on my G4 when there is also a development site on my live server with the same name.

So for instance on my G4 I browse to the site with the url dev.example.com and on my live server I also have dev.example.com.

On my PC I use the hosts file (comment out or uncomment the values) and flush DNS to switch between the two (development local and development live)

But on my G4 it just goes straight to the Development live server on typing in the url dev.example.com and I am not sure how to tell it to go to my development local server site first.

I am learning Mac slowly so donít know it as well as pc, can anyone help me on this?

The alternative is to call my live development server a different name than my local development server but for silly got to know how to do this sakes Iíd just like to know how to: redirect on my G4 to my local development server whilst I still have a live development server of the same name

Hopefully that wasnít to confusing!

Oh also on tiger 10.4

Thanks in advance as always