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    Display Arrangement Memory?
    I just got a MacBook Pro 15". Been in the windows world for some time so I'm a nube to Macs.

    I connect an external monitor but each time I do I have to reset the display resolution and arrangement of the monitors. Is there anyway to have it remember the size and position of the external monitor so that I don't have to reset it everytime? Doesn't seem to be any other options available.

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    Run a 20 Philips off mine and whenever i get back to office i connect Philips and hit start and it is all set to as before including menu bar/Dock being on the 20. Shut down and disconnect and MBP boots as normal. Only variation when back on the 20 is some App windows that have been open on the MBP are a bit smaller and have to be pulled to bottom of 20 screen. Perhaps going into Sys Prefs/Display/Arrangement will sort it for u.

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    Hmm...strange. I used to connect my MBP ('06 first edition) to my 23" cinema display all the time and it recognized it instantly.

    Seems odd.

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    This sometimes happens when you use a chain of adaptors (eg. you have a DisplayPort MacBook and a HDMI monitor, so your setup ends up as
    MacBook > DisplayPort -DVI adaptor > DVI-HDMI adaptor > monitor)

    In this case, things are just too confused for the Mac to recognize that the monitor is the same one that you had plugged in yesterday, and can't match up the settings. The only way to deal with that is to try a different monitor with different connectors.

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