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    Convert DMG into bootable .ISO
    I have a dmg of OS X that i wanna convert into a bootable .iso format.

    Anyone know how to do this??

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    Can you give us a little more detail on what you're trying to accomplish and where the DMG file came from?
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    I was trying to do the exact same thing and after days of googling I came to a solution. First thing you need to know is that (I think) iso files can only be opened with windows. If I'm wrong then keep going but it may not work, Im going to explain this as if you were using windows.
    1. Download Daemon Tools Lite
    2. Download TransMac
    3. Load up the dmg in transmac
    4. I think if you right click it you can say extract, or maybe it is decompress. If one of those two are there when you right click the dmg, select it.
    5. Wait for it to extract
    6. Run daemon tools and mount the extracted file
    7. It should now be mounted

    Sorry if this isn't what you were looking for. I didnt know you could mount an iso on a mac so I thought you maybe were trying to do it in Windows. If this isnt what you were looking for, then google it.

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    DMGs are already bootable. There is no need to convert anything.

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