I've got a strange issue on my hands. My Sister's G5, that is running Snow Leopard, needed a fresh install. It wouldn't upload pictures to the web and we tried EVERYTHING, really. But that's besides the point.

Now she has a fresh install of Snow and wants to restore her iTunes (50 Gig of songs), mail and iPhoto from her time machine instance she took hours before the "start over" moment. Remember, we are going from Snow to that's not the issue.

Fortunately, her TM is still intact; her Snow Leopard install runs fine. But when we open TM (it asks you if you want to open an different TM instance, since that TM doesn't match the current os installation) and we click on iTunes under her apps folder, and hit restore, it doesn't really do anything. I had her click Mail once and click restore and it ran something for a second and still the same. No true "restore" as her mail history is no where to be found. I've not even tried with iPhoto since my ability to use TM is failing.

Any ideas? I hope someone can provide some assistance since this hasn't been as simple as it is "sold" to us.

I do have an "archive" of all her stuff on her current desktop, but copying all the mail folders under the library folder did nothing too.

Thanks in advance,