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    Sidebar in 10.6 does not show up
    For some reason, the sidebar, in the finder window, for my Home Folder (main disk) will not appear on boot up or selection. It does appear for my other external drives. Any ideas? (Yes, Finder Preferences have everything checked)Thanks.

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    Go to Finder > Preferences > Sidebar. Check what you want to show.

    Are you sure everything is checked? If so, go to your HD ("Macintosh HD" if you haven't changed it) > Users. When here, drag your home folder back to the sidebar.
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    Problem solved. I called Apple support and they were great as usual. Deleted my "finder" plist file and rebooted. Sidebar now fine. However, while my external drives were opening up in Finder windows when I rebooted; the icons did not appear on my desktop. So, I opened up Time Machine and went back a week or so and restored the Finder plist file. Everything is working as it should. For now.

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