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    For the short space of time that I worked with both my old iMac G3 and PC, I used the PC more, not because I preferred it, I was using some software that had been specifically developed so that I could keep the company I was working for informed of work progress. Since I was using the PC more, many of the images I had taken were saved and stored on there, although I wasn't able to back up because I didn't have an external hard drive at the time, nor did the PC have a CD/DVD writer.

    Eventually, once I'd bought my new Mac, I transferred all the files I needed, checking that they all copied fine. Since then, I gave my parents the PC once my partner reformatted the whole drive. Anyway, I've just come to sort through some images and there's one particular gallery that has saved all the smaller jpgs in it, but the folder with the larger images has been split into two folders, one named 'FINDER.DAT', the other 'RESOURCE.FRK'.

    The 'FINDER.DAT' folder is a Mac Wavelets WBIN document and does absolutely nothing when you try and open it, regardless of what program I try.
    The 'RESOURCE.FRK' folder, on the other hand, opens up and contains what can only be described as 'abbreviated' file names... for instance, the file called 'papercut.jpg' is now 'PAPERC~1.JPG'.

    How on Earth can I retrieve these files, bearing in mind that this is the only thing remaining? Obviously I require the original JPGs.

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    Read through the following thread: Link Hopefully, that will answer some of your questions.

    BTW, use Google search for more info regarding those two files.


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    What was the OS on the G3 - Finder.DAT makes me think it was Classic 9.1 or 9.2 or earlier?

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    Thanks chscag... I'll take a look (haven't as yet), although I may well have exhausted every possible link to do with this now! I've been hunting around since Friday night and the whole matter has been keeping me awake since then.

    Collin, somehow, I may have transferred the files from the PC to the G3. It was 9.2 on there. I still have the old G3 (begrudge throwing it!) and tried to rectify the problem on there, to no avail.

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