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    'software update' strangeness
    hi - i've just done a software update, and a couple of things have happened that i haven't come across before:

    after downloading a couple of updates and before asking me to restart to complete the installation, it went straight back to checking to see whether any new updates were available - and there were, so these were downloaded as well. Then the process ended as usual - it asked me to restart to complete the process.

    Which I did, but i thought this was a bit weird so I did 'software update' again and another update was downloaded, but then it stuck and no button saying 'restart' came up, so I had to do a restart via the drop-down apple icon.

    Like I say, this hasn't happened to me before - has anybody else come across it or have any ideas what might have happened?

    Thanks - any comments appreciated

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    It is all normal except for the hanging part of the last update.

    It always checks for new updates after downloading the initial updates. Some updates require previous updates before they can be installed. Not all updates require a restart.
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    If things are okay now do not worry about it. Sometimes installing can take up to five minutes and restarting as long. Run Repair Permissions from Disk Utility.

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    Thanks - all permissions ok. The last update before it froze was for Java, so I've downloaded the latest version from the Apple site, just to make sure.

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