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    Keychain always asks for email password
    I have Snow Leopard, Mail, 1Password etc but since upgrading Mail constantly asks for my Comcast email password. I have checked Keychain & 1Password, all is correct. I notice also I am having the bouncing postage stamp icon for Mail & I then have to take the option Mailbox- Take all accounts online.
    Everything else works once I enter the password but it's annoying. BTW of course I check "Remember..."
    Any ideas?
    p.s If this is not the right forum for this problem, what is?

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    Comcast's email servers have occasionally caused this problem and it's been reported on their own forums. I'm not having the issue at the moment though, so I suspect it might be your account settings.

    Take a look at this site and see if your settings match the recommended ones.

    Also, this is Comcast's official setup for Apple Mail, although it's a bit dated (looks like the Tiger version of Mail or earlier):

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    I have the same problem, but I'm with a Canadian provider (Bell). Doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

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