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    problem restoring system from time machine
    Hi there,

    Today I installed a little program to convert flac audio files to mp3. When I ran the program the computer froze, so I rebooted but then I could move the cursor but not click on any menus or icons on the desktop, they just wouldnt respond - so basically I couldnt use the computer. After re-booting a few times with the same result I decided to reinstall the system using time machine from an external hard drive. I reinstalled OSX, then reinstalled Snow Leopard, then reinstalled the system from a previous save from Time Machine. It said the installation was successful, but when the computer restarted a message comes up saying "You need to restart your computer. Hold down the Power button until it turns off, then press the Power button again". Ive done this about 5 times now but it always just says the same message without starting properly. WHAT DO I DO???? I really need to use my computer tomorrow so any help is hugely appreciated!!! TIA

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    You have got a kernel panic there, try these steps

    Resolving Kernel Panics
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    Thanks for the help! I checked my hardware and startup using disk utility and it said it was all fine - maybe the reinstalled system from time machine was corrupted? Im now reinstalling an earlier save of the system from time machine, hopefully this will work!! Do you think its corrupted system files from time machine?

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