Hi everybody,
2 days ago, a new macbook pro (13.3 with 10.5.7 OS) came which i ordered from US. i started the mac, set the default language as english, change the keyboard prefences as turkish keyboard, filled the information boxes. after i used it for a few hours, i decided to install SL. there was no private data so i didnt think to make a back up. and also i didnt know how to do that this was the first time i tried to use a mac. aproxiamately 20 minutes later, SL installation was left half finished. then i shut the machine down with holding down power button several seconds. the screen was gray when i started it again. with apple logo and spinning gear. then i started searching internet with my older laptop(which i'm using now ) I founded the exact problem in apple's support pages.
Mac OS X: Gray screen appears during startup
I followed the instructions but it didnt work. i push Command-Shift-V buttons together, then dots moves on a black screen, then some writings appear. says
"NVEthernet: :mediaChanged - Link is down
NVEthernet: :setLinkStatus - Valid but not active"
and something like this.
I installed the original back-up dvd 4-5 times, with holding c key. after installation, it says you succesfully installed the software, now restart your mac. but after pushing restart button or its countdown from 30 seconds finished, there is a black screen with only mouse cursor. when i forced to shut the machine down and restart it, there is again gray screen with apple logo and spinning gear.
I even try to reinstall with SL disc but it didnt worked either.
i dont know what to do. i searced internet, searched this forum but i couldnt find the answer.

i know this is long but thanks for your patience.

any help would greatly appriciated. thanks.

PS:the dvd s are original. i ve 3 years apple care protection but because i am newbee to Mac OS, i want to take care of myself with your helps before i take it to the support center.