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    finder sidebar problem
    I started using OS X with 10.5.6 and now through 10.5.8 there is a very annoying problem with finder sidebar.

    You know those places in the sidebar which you have customized by dragging and dropping folders and such? It come default with your home dir, documents and desktop. A single click is supposed to open these folders.

    The problem is, often, a single click does nothing. Say, I cilck Desktop and nothing happens. So I click something else in sidebar and then click desktop and then desktop. I was hoping they are going to fix this with software update and they never do. Maybe they don't even know the existence of this problem?

    My question is has 10.6 fixed this problem for good. Note this problem is only intermmittent but annoying.

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    I've noticed that when I shut down my computer and start it up again, it takes a second for the contents of most folders to show up in column view. It might take longer if you're using icon view. I think it's because it's loading everything into memory, because once everything is loaded, clicking on folders reveals their contents instantly. Another reason why I rarely turn off my Macbook Pro. But it really should only take a split second, one second tops for that to happen.

    Are you clicking on another location right away? Have you tried waiting a tick to see if the folder contents who up?

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    Ok I took me a while to reproduce this.

    This problem may or may not be finder. Say you are using firefox or thunderbird and you want to attach something. Then it pops a file dialog which you must select a file. In it there is also a sidebar similar to that in finder. Say your previous folder was not desktop. But this time you want to attach or upload something from desktop. So you click it from the sidebar. There you can wait forever and desktop will never show up. You have to click elsewhere and then desktop. Because I use these two program most intensively, it is possible that the issue is with just these two. If I find the problem with others I will post here.

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