I have a mac pro with 2 x 500gb seagate drives booting leopard server. I have configured a stripe raid setup booting off disk utility and configuring it through apple. I have booted fine for over a year with leopard server installed. I recently took a 1TB drive out of a broken g5 and put in the mac pro. I was able to boot fine the first time but then one day the screen was blue and when I restarted it was just the white screen with the spinning grey circle thing. I hold down the option key and instead of getting one raided hard drive, I get Raid Disk 1 and Raid Disk 2. I boot off the install dvd into disk utility and it says that both drive slices are working fine and the raid is online. I even did verify disk integrity and it checked out fine. I went under startup disks and it displayed the raided hard drive as one.

Im thinking about re-installing but there are to many server settings to re-do. I took out the 1TB drive and it is still having the same problem. I hold down the option key and boot off both availabe HD1 and HD2 options only leaving me with the white splash screen and the spinning grey circle thing.

Is there something wrong with the operating system that I could fix since I would rather not re-install.