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    Accidentaly removed "library" folder
    I had several windows open and pressed delete to remove a picture, i happened to delete a library from another window, but was too quick to shut it down to see where it came from! I have restored the library from the bin and tried to put it back in different places but it still doesnt work.

    When I moved the library some settings in Photoshop went missing (my preset actions for example)

    Is there supposed to be a library folder in the programmes file? And where in that case?

    The contents of the libraryfolder seems connected to both safari, photoshop, imovie and itunes fto mention a few.

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    Sep 18, 2009
    Lightbulb Problem solved
    I solved the problem by trial and error.

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    Glad you figured it out. However, selecting something and pressing Delete doesn't delete it, it just highlights it so you can change its name. You have to actually right click on something and choose "Move to Trash" to get rid of it.

    But I hope this little trial-and-error experience has shown you how invaluable a Time Machine backup would be.

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