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    hard drive free space
    hey one question just bought a new MBP 15'' the hard drive was 320 but the full capacity that it shows is 298 gb and it has 277 gb free is that ok??? i forgot to ask about it in the apple store...thanks

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    Are you running Leopard? 298GB is what it should be, it's the way the computer calculates size in binary instead of decimal. Snow Leopard displays the size in decimal (basically converts from binary to decimal to display to the user). Size difference is explained here:

    Hard drive showing wrong capacity? Here's why. - PCMech Forums

    Remember google is your friend.

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    The numbers you are seeing are correct.

    While disks come at a certain total capacity, formatting a disk for a particular file system always takes a certain amount of space prior to installing an OS.

    On top of that you have the operating system itself and any applications that were preinstalled that came with your computer.

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