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    G5 Desktop icon stacking
    A guy I work with just got a new G5 last week- he's new to OSX, so he's still getting used to a lot of the features. He mentioned that when he saves items to the desktop (I believe he's saving PDFs from Illustrator), they initially line up vertically along the right of the desktop, one below the other, but when they get to the bottom of the screen, instead of starting a new row, the new PDFs that he saves start stacking up on one another on the bottom right corner of the desktop. I have no clue what could be causing this- he said his desktop setting are set to snap to grid, which is the only thing I could come up with. Has anyone else had this issue? I don't know what version of OSX comes with the G5- I just know it's at least 10.3.8, if not newer (is a newer version out yet?). Anyway, any help will be appreciated.

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    Click on the desktop, menu bar View> Show View Options > Then check the keep arranged box, and select By Kind in the drop down menu. This might work, I'm not sure though, never heard of that.

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    if you save enough on the desktop, then yes they will start stacking on top of each other. If you down load a lot of files, or such, they will cover the desktop and then start stacking on top of where the HD icon is. Most of us prefer our desktops uncluttered (as you can see by our many desktop pictures in the desktop thread), and that's why I save all my files to a folder. That's all I can suggest, a folder.

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    its also a good idea not to save items and such to the desktop, but in folders in your hd instead, if you want folders on the desktop, make aliases and place them on the desktop.
    one big reason is hat the desktop, along with other setting are partially stored in pram, if your computer shuts down suddenly, say from a power outage, all that stuff on your desktop will be gone 90% of the time and not be recoverable. another option is the dock and toolbar, you can add folders to the dock by the trash can and folders to a toolbar and those show in any open finder window, also the sidebar of finder windows is a good place to put folders, they're meant for this. but the view option "arrange by: your choice" should work.

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    PowerChild... I had the same exact problem with my new G5 when I first got it set up. what you need to do is start up from the cd and run the disk utility,

    run permissions, repair permissions
    check disk, repair disk

    in that order. That took care of my stacking icons as well. And believe me I had the same exact problem your explaining, I even called apple and this is what they told me to do.

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    Just to clarify:

    I don't think he's saying that the desktop is full of icons and is now stacking because there's no more visible space to put new icons:

    I think he's got 1 single row of icons on the right and instead of starting a 2nd, the icons are stacking.

    I'd give Mickmac's solution a try.

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    Oh I know, I was just clarifying how it happened to me. I think that he should try what mickmac said, but what macman clarified was what i meant...I just didn't make myself clear enough.

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