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    Question reinstalling os x
    Hi folks, i am giving blood to find a solution of my problem since a couple of weeks so i gave up and decided to bother some good guy of you.

    I just bought from my brother's company a used Macbook pro 2.33ghz, probably running os x 10.4.7 i cant be sure about the os coz i cant open it.
    At start up a black screen tells me that there is some problem and asks me if i want to launch Windows or the last working configuration: whatever i chose, the system gives me a blue screen telling me to run chkdisk /f.

    Actually i would like to run OS x but i dont have any installation cd coz the ex owner got fired and kept the cd with him ( yes, if i knew this before to buy the mac...).

    Now i am asking: if i buy a new os x does anybody know if i could make my mac working?


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    Well, since you already purchased the MBP, it seems kind of foolish to not try to get it to work, and the only you're going to find out is by buying a retail copy of OS X. I would buy a copy of Snow Leopard (10.6.X) and do a clean install.


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    In addition to the comments from chscag, from the error you are seeing it looks like someone installed Windows via Bootcamp and the installation became corrupt or was removed. As a result, the machine can't get to a valid operating system to boot.

    I agree with chscag, at the very least buy a SL install disk. The machine you have is fairly 'new' and should work properly barring any unforseen hardware issues.

    As a test, you may want to try something:

    1) Reboot the machine
    2) As the machine is coming up (before you get to a grey screen), hold down the 'option' key.

    If BootCamp was installed you may be given a choice to boot into Windows or the old OSX installation. Again, this is only a test to see what was done to the machine before hand. I would definitely buy a SL disk, clean the machine and do a complete reinstall.

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    Thx to both of you guys.

    If i hold the option key i have 2 choices: one is Windows (but if i chose it the system shows me again the blue screen) the other one is os x but then it asks me for the password of the previous owner :S (here the background image is some kind of syderal space (like time machine))

    I dont have any other choice :S

    thx a lot

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    MBP 2.33 4GB: MacPro 8 Core 2.8, 16GB: MacMini 2.26 4GB: MacMin 2.53 4GB: iPhone3GS 32GB
    So your going to need the disk. Sounds like the hardware, at least with this limited trail/test is functioning enough for you to do an install. Get the disk, wipe the drive and start fresh.

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    hey i know this is off topic but i really need help... i just installed windows xp home edition with service package 2 through boot camp, and i installed the drivers when i was in windows... in the bottom right hand side on the screen it always say that 'm am connected to the internet using airport but i when i click internet explore it says cannot find sever i have done a lot of thing like the ipconfig/all and the tcp/ip protocol or what ever its called but nothing seems to work and i don't know much about computers i just want to play an online game really bad so anyone can you plz help me..... if you can ty

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